Kara Coconut milk

Kara Dairy Free Original

Price: £1.50ish

Availability: 6/10 - in many supermarkets and health food shops but not corner shops or ‘metro’ supermarkets

Purchased from: Sainsburys

Brand: Kara

Taste: 8/10

Comments: Was wary at first but tasted really nice. Has a slight coconut tinge but it isn’t overwhelming.

I used it to make vegetable curry and it worked very well. Also made a good hot chocolate when mixed with traditional hot chocolate powder. Goes well with cereal.

Overall Rating: 9/10 - would definitely recommend. 

Kara coconut milk

More information: http://www.karadairyfree.com/product_specifications/original_calcium_chilled_/

Being dairy free can be a bit daunting, I do it for health reasons and thought sharing my experiences of dairy free food alternatives and recipes might help others experience a full (dairy free) life.

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